Judge Dredd slot

The Judge Dredd Slot Game

Judge Dredd is one of the longest running United Kingdom comic book franchises, known for depicting a horrific future that is almost too terrible to imagine. Dripping with violence and depressing characters, the world is watched over by the Judges, who are a walking judge, jury and executioner law enforcement system. The franchise has given birth to multiple video games, films, and now a slot game.

The Judge Dredd slot game is created by next Gen, and the developers have clearly put in a lot of effort. The background of the game is an aerial view of Mega City, where Judge Dredd brings law to the people via various punches to the face and bullets to the brains. With wisps of smoke rising from the rooftops and sunlight streaming in from a cloudy sky, Mega City has never looked so good.

The game itself, using a five reel, 25 betting line system, is likewise packed with detail and quality. The characters of Judge Dredd series are brought to life by a professional artist, and the main man himself, Dredd, looks as menacing as ever. Look out for the outstanding animation that occurs when Dredd lands in a matching sequence.

Special Features

Judge Dredd has already been mentioned as being a symbol in the Judge Dredd slot game, but lets have a closer look at what he offers. He is the wild symbol, meaning that he may match with any other symbol to creating a winning sequence. He may also match with himself up to a maximum of five times, which is the largest standard win possible in the game.

The scatter symbol in the Judge Dredd slot game is Dredd’s badge, clearly identifiable by its flashing gold. Upon being matched the scatter symbol will grant 10 free spins. During the free spins all wins achieved are worth three times their usual value.

The betting lines of the game are not adjustable, which is a bit of a shame, but the Super Bet feature still provides opportunity for strategic play. By pressing the Super Bets button extra wilds are added to the reels, which is visually represented by bullets flying into the clip of Dredd’s gun. Keep in mind that although the chances of wins being achieved is raised, the initial bet required will also be higher.

Other Symbols

The other symbols in the Judge Dredd slot game offer less payouts then Dredd himself, but are still worth taking a look at. The most valuable is a horrible creature with a glowing eye, likely soon to be taking bullets from Dredds gun. This symbol is worth a good amount if matched the maximum of five times, but only a modest amount if matched three times.

Some of the other symbols in Judge Dredd slot game are Dredd on a motorcycle, Dredd’s infamous gun, and Dredd’s clenched fist. The other symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, including 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace. These last symbols are a bit disappointing, since they really don’t fit with the rest of the game. It’s a shame that Next Gen couldn’t come up with more original designs.