An Exlcusive Guide to Choosing the Best Canadian Online Casino

Gambling online is incredibly popular in Canada and many locally based players wonder about the legality of taking part in casino games in the virtual sphere. In Canada gambling has always been a bit of grey area and up until the 1960’s the country was traditionally rather against the participation in any type of wagering game. Once the government granted each province the option to decide whether they would allow poker or gambling, the rules relaxed, people’s opinions changed and many areas opened casinos, poker rooms and even started offering a regular lottery.

When gambling went online the provinces didn’t really have much say and whether or not their regulations apply to the internet based games doesn’t seem to be of much concern. Unless particular stipulated online gaming remains an area that’s not really clear and one that doesn’t seem to bother governing parties. So far, Canadian players have been able to enjoy access to gaming websites unimpeded and there are no negative ramifications for those choosing to play online.

Online Gambling Facts

When it comes to gambling online in Canada the Criminal Code does not make the activity illegal in any way. This means that the best Canadian online casino gaming sites continue to thrive without any worry about players or operators being prosecuted. In Canada no player has ever been charged for playing online and it is not considered a crime. The Attorney General has made hosting poker rooms and casino on servers in Indian reservations illegal, but the onus here is on the operator to comply and not the player and no casino has ever been charged or prosecuted.

In Canada provinces can license online casinos as they please and can choose how many casino sites they wish to authorise. Sportsbetting sites are also essentially legal but only parlay bets of 3 or more matches are acceptable, although this condition may be overturned shortly. When it comes to paying tax on your winnings Canadian players are exempt unless the rewards are gained via a business or corporate transaction. This means that you keep whatever you win and you are not beholden to disclose it at any stage.

Gaming Regulators

Gaming regulators fulfil a number of purposes, the most important being that they ensure casinos always operate in a fair and transparent manner. Regulators keep a close eye on the casinos that they endorse and monitor their every move when it comes to gaming, deposits, RNG’s, fair play and cashouts. Each province within Canada is responsible for regulating its own sites and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the best know names in the business. This gambling regulator does only keep a beady eye on local sites; it also works worldwide with other brands to ensure high standards of play are always maintained.

Hassle Free Gaming Online

If you choose to gamble online in Canada you do not have anything to worry about. You won’t get into any legal trouble and you most certainly won’t be arrested. Players can gamble online with confidence and if they stick to licensed, regulated casinos that adhere to industry rules and standards you can enjoy a great gaming experience with confidence.